Another beautiful cloudy sunset …

Nikon 7100, 18-105mm lens, 40mm, 0.4 sec @ f / 25, ISO 100
Nikon 7100, 18-105 mm lens @ 40 mm, 0.4 sec @ f / 25, ISO 100

I’d planned not to photograph clouds or sunsets today … but as I left work, I looked up to see the most beautiful, huge cloud with the sun pouring over the edges (those I could see) and through any gap it could find.   I’d hoped when I reached the river to capture some reflections of the clouds, but there was a steady (and chilly) breeze blowing.

2 thoughts on “Another beautiful cloudy sunset …”

    1. If the water had been calmer, it would have been the river alone. I’d have likely framed it from the railroad bridge back toward the bridge I was standing on.

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