Under a clear blue sky … NOT

After photographing clouds and sunsets for the past few days, I was hoping to find something different for today.   I had a chance to get out of my windowless office just before lunch time today and discovered the skies were beautifully clear and a lovely, bright blue.  So I was ready this afternoon to take a photograph (or two … or a dozen) beneath that clear blue sky.  But all that changed rather quickly – less than two hours later the skies were completely overcast.

I did manage to discover a bit of sunshine though.  These were growing wild along a parking lot.  They’ll likely be gone in the next couple of days as the night-time lows are dipping close to freezing.

There were more “perfect” flowers, but I found the curling of the petals on this one to be more interesting.

Nikon D7100, 70-300mm lens, 220mm, 1/125 sec @ f / 11, ISO 200
Nikon D7100, 70-300 mm lens, 220 mm, 1/125 sec @ f / 11, ISO 200

And one of the more “perfect” flowers …

Nikon D7100, 18-105 mm lens, 105 mm, 4 sec @ f / 36, ISO 100
Nikon D7100, 18-105 mm lens, 105 mm, 4 sec @ f / 36, ISO 100


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