I found Autumn

I went to bed last night with the intention of getting up before sunrise and attempting to capture the moon during the “blue hour” before sunrise.   I didn’t quite get up on time, but that turned out to be a good thing since it was completely overcast and gray outside.

By lunch time, the skies had started to clear so I packed my camera bag and headed out to run a few errands.   I decided to take a break and take a walk … and I found Autumn.

Nikon D7100, 70-300 mm lens, 125mm, 1/125 sec @ f / 11, ISO 200
Nikon D7100, 70-300 mm lens, 125 mm, 1/125 sec @ f / 11, ISO 200

A few weeks ago, my assignment for my digital photography class was to take and submit photographs that capture the season “Autumn”.    Not only was it due a few weeks before we normally see much color in the trees, but it was cloudy and rainy for the whole week prior to the assignment being due.  I ended up spending some time on the road in an attempt to find “Autumn”.   Today is was a much easier task.


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