Waning crescent rising …

After a few days of rain, it was nice to see a good forecast for gazing at the sky.  I’d been watching the calendar and the weather hoping for a good chance to get the telescope out and photograph the moon again.  The moon was going to be rising a little after 3 AM and I knew that it would need about an hour to be visible over the trees across the street.  I set an alarm on my cell phone to wake me at 3:30.   At 4:24, I woke up with my phone laying next to my hand on the bed.  I had apparently managed to turn off the alarm without waking up … quite impressed with myself, since I usually can’t manage to hit the appropriate “button” for “snooze” or “dismiss” when I am awake.

I got dressed quickly and headed outside.  Fortunately, the moon was just skimming the tree tops.

Nikon D7100, 900 mm (telescope), 1 / 15 sec @ f /  13, ISO 100
Nikon D7100, 900 mm (telescope), 1 / 15 sec @ f / 13, ISO 100

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