A milestone …

Today’s post is post number 100 … that’s 100 days in a row that I have managed to post a picture.  And only a few of them have been taken prior to the day I posted them.   In some ways, it has been easier than I imagined … and it others much harder.  I do believe the challenge to try different things … find different things to photograph has been good though.  So tomorrow will be the start of the next 100 days …

When I realized that this day was coming up, I was reminded of the 100th day celebrations they did when my son was in elementary school.  I thought about trying to put together and photograph 100 of this or that sort of thing.  Then when I stopped to pick up a few groceries, I saw the number-shaped birthday candles and picked up a “1” and a couple of “0”.  I got them home and realized that I didn’t have a cake to put them in.  Fortunately, it has been too cold for Tuesday’s snow to melt and I had plenty of “frosting” my deck railing to hold them upright.

Nikon D7100, 140 mm, 1/25 sec @ f / 4.8, ISO 500
Nikon D7100, 140 mm, 1/25 sec @ f / 4.8, ISO 500

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