A special sunset …

Last year immediately after my brother-in-law had passed away unexpectedly, someone commented on the sunset and suggested that he must have had a hand in its beauty.  Late this afternoon, as I drove toward the west to attend the visitation/celebration-of-life for a friend’s mother, I noticed the thin clouds scattered across the sky and wondered what the sunset that was still a couple of hours away might turnout.   A knew that her mother had been very talented musically, but I found myself trying to remember if her artistic talents included painting … which naturally connected back to thoughts of heaven’s newest angel having a turn with God’s watercolors to paint the  sunset.   It was about an hour before sunset when I headed back toward home.  I found myself checking my mirrors to get a peek at the sun setting behind me.   The only camera I had with me was my cellphone, but I finally gave in a turned into a wide crossover and used the panorama feature to capture the image below.

Samsung Galaxy S5, f /  2.2, 4.8 mm
Samsung Galaxy S5, f / 2.2, 4.8 mm


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