I love little surprises …

I was trying to decide on something to photograph today.  I came across a tiny item that I’d been given during the time my camera was away being serviced.  I didn’t photograph it then because I wanted to try shooting it in macro and try to see how much detail I could draw out of it.   I put it next to my camera for later and then proceeded with my afternoon to-do list; carrying out the trash was near the top of the list.  On my way back toward the house, I stopped to check on the new plants I’ve added in the last couple of weeks and a few empty spots where I’ve apparently lost something to the harsh winter weather.  I walked to the back of the house … checked on a couple of plants in pots there … brought a couple that apparently didn’t get enough rain around to water them.  The bed next to the water spigot includes iris that are in bloom, so I scanned across the bed looking to see if any of them needed staking which is a big problem for me with these varieties that have 4 and 5 huge flowers on a single thin stalk.  That reminded me that I needed to check on the peony and see what staking might be needed there.  I added a stake for the single tall stem that has raised a bud high above the rest of the plant.   As I started to walk away, something nestled down between the fading daffodil leaves and the rapidly growing daylilies was a tiny rabbit.  It stayed there while I came in and got my camera.  After getting a few photographs, I asked it to eat only the vinca and wild strawberries and leave the rest alone.

baby bunny
Nikon d7100, 50 mm, 1/60 sec @ f / 2.2, ISO 640

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