Meteor shower?

The news this week was full of hype for this morning’s expected meteor shower.   Being south of a major metropolitan area isn’t good when the spectacle is to be viewed by looking to the north.  But I decided to give it a try anyway.   A friend with a large enough open field to allow a view of the horizon rather than the tree trunks I’d be looking at from my backyard kindly let me hang out in his backyard for a few hours this morning.   I had everything set up by about a quarter till 2 and after a couple of test shots, set the camera up to capture a batch of 60 images – one 13 second image every 30 seconds.  So while I was shooting, the shutter was open a little less than half the time.   The first batch was set up with the North star near the top of the frame, the second with Cassiopeia at the upper right edge of the frame putting Camelopardalis near the middle of the frame, and then two batches with Camelopardalis near the right edge of the frame.   With the re-positioning and a couple of test shots between batches, this filled the time up until 4am.

I could barely make out the stars to the north using only my eyes.  Fortunately, the camera did a better job of picking them out.   I thought I saw a meteor to the left of the camera’s field of view once, but that’s all I saw myself.   Looking through the images I captured, I found one meteor.

Nikon D7100, 50 mm, 13.0 sec @ f / 2.0, ISO 100
Nikon D7100, 50 mm, 13.0 sec @ f / 2.0, ISO 100

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