Firepower …

20131019-Shooting Match_0018-Edit


On the 3rd Saturday of the month there’s a PPC match that I sometimes attend.  Today I took along my camera, tripod and remote and set up to see how much action I could capture.   I have noticed the flash of fire before, but was surprised to see just how much “fire” there is in that fraction of a second.  This image was shot at 1/2500 sec.

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  1. My D7100 has built in support for infrared wireless remote and I was using the Nikon ML-L3 remote. There was heavy overcast skies and even with the aperture wide open (f/1.8), I had to boost the ISO a good bit to get the shutter speed. Camera was about 8 feet from shooter (image is cropped) at a slight angle so that it was behind the firing line. I was standing about 10 feet behind the camera and slightly further behind the firing line. Safety first 🙂

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