Dandelion love …

I really don’t love dandelions, but they are interesting to photograph when they’ve gone to seed.  No sign of any dandelions so far this year.  And the one tulip that dared to raise a bud above the soil appears to have become a snack for a passing  deer or rabbit.  Today was a drizzly, rainy sort of day and I really didn’t feel like taking more photos of the drooping wet daffodils.  Tomorrow’s forecast doesn’t look much better, but I may come up with a plan to do something interesting.

The image below is a macro shot from two years ago today.  The “heart” shape in the center made by the receptacle through the pappus (the little “parachutes” – and yes, I had to look that up).

Dandelion seeds
Nikon D3100, 55 mm, 1/200 sec @ f / 11, ISO 400

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