While I ate breakfast …

Today’s image is just single small bit of all that I’ve enjoyed each of the last few mornings while enjoying my breakfast.  The scene from top to bottom and left to right is constantly changing.  From the quick moving clouds … some dark gray and giving the farm a quick shower, others with their tops lit by the rising sun … the wind blowing the grasses to and fro … the guineas looking through the grass for an insect to two and hopping on the fence post just long enough to make me think I can get their photo … all played out on a beautiful and peaceful backdrop.   Do I have to leave and go back to my everyday life?   (I typed “real world” and then realized this is the real world.)

Nikon D7100, 28 mm, 1/10 sec @ f / 5.6, ISO 200
Nikon D7100, 28 mm, 1/10 sec @ f / 5.6, ISO 200

One thought on “While I ate breakfast …

  1. I just read what I wrote and realized that I didn’t mention the horses, which are obvious from the photo, or the cows moving out (and up) into the pastures to graze. Or the birds … barn swallows, finches and even the hummingbirds zooming past the window to the feeder around the corner.

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